Lobby for a Hobby


As a former collegiate regional representative, student advocate, state political field organizer and now government relations professional I will give some timely, accurate and relevant techniques to improve your organization advocacy efforts. These techniques will increase response, engagement and make your approach more sophisticated and impactful. You’ll receive tangible tools that can be applied in real-time so that your organization can immediately use what you learn in this session to create the changes you want to see on your campus and in your community.

Welcome 2 The Jungle


There are the four components that make up this dynamic program: Leadership. Communication. Team Building. Productivity. Excellent people are placed on teams, and how teams interact and perform makes a world of difference on each individuals overall contribution. The best teams are balanced, empathetic towards one another, accountable, and open.

Serving in E.R.N.E.S.T


Honesty and integrity is the gift leaders gives to those they serve. This discussion on how this gift coupled with compassion and a sense of purpose can guide you to become a respected and successful leader. Leading inspired teams allows leaders to expand and enhance knowledge, skills and abilities to further develop in their current role or prepare for a more advanced position.