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Regardless if you are a new student leader, athlete, entrepreneur or polished executive leading people can seem confusing and complex. The presentations and workshops Ernest offers will give a comprehensive look at how to recognize the strength of your position, gain appreciation for everyone around you and it will give you what you need to know, to maximize potential for success. The structure and operations of an organization continually challenge and Ernest offers best practices for leaders to improve efficiencies and results. Although various approaches have stressed the development of skills or behaviors, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the development of roles and responsibilities is also relevant. In an effort to increase knowledge in this area as it pertains to you and your team (s).

My Story                  

Marine, Instructor, Recruiter, Representative, Coach, and Father are just some of the titles Ernest J. Robinson wears while helping people to find their success. Ernest is emerging as a catalyst for assisting business, athletic, and educational institutions train, inspire, and develop their employees, athletes, and students into potentially world-altering people. As an inspirational speaker, he makes a difference in the lives of young people every day through his work and volunteerism.

After graduating from High School (age 17) he subsequently began his career in the United States Marine Corps. His participation includes Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. After being honorably discharged from the military, Ernest continued in higher education by completing his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Union University™ with honors, all while participating in the student government association, Inaugural President of the Student Model United Nations, Vice President of the Pre-Law society  as well as a student athlete.

Professionally Ernest has worked in the United States Marine Corps, Department of Social Services and the Department of Justice- Office of the Federal Detention Trustee. He has worked in for-profit business cultivating relationships and generating sales with remarkable success. His passion for advocating for the community led him to support the mission of the historical nonprofit YMCA. He subsequently has served with a large cadre as a National Professional Skills Trainer for the Young Men’s Christian Association.

Ernest has worked/volunteered with many organizations such as the Grassroots Campaign-Vote Vets, Children’s Defense Fund, USGLC, NO Labels, Presidential Inaugural Committee, The Congressional Black Caucus and others.  When opportunities are available to participate in committee activities both local and national with Father Hood Initiatives, Youth Leadership Development, Voter Registration Education and Mobilization, he does.


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Ernest Robinson

Founder & CEO

Leadership consulting firm based in the area of Washington, DC that offers services and products in the areas of leadership development, operational risk management, organizational empowerment/competency and cultural competency. Marine, Director, Instructor, Recruiter, Representative, Coach, and Father are all titles Ernest J. Robinson wears while helping people to their success; whether it’s with peers in the halls of academia, colleagues or clients in corporate America.

He will service colleges/universities, non-profit organizations and businesses by providing cutting edge interactive educational programs, engaging and innovative retreats.

 A.I.M. is to Aspire to Inspire and Motivate!

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